Energy Procurement for international Automotive Supplier in Slovakian Republic (2016)

In Energy markets, several suppliers are making additional Profit from the price spread between futures and spot market. In time of raising commodity prices in the future, the future market will see this in an price increase of the following years. Several suppliers are fulfilling their contracts from spot market, which is perhaps behind future market.

When market will Change, These strategy will be no longer succesful and these suppliers will come into financial Problems.

We try to avoid These situations for our clients by carefully selecting the long list and short list of suppliers in the tender process.

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Geschäftssteuerung und Entwicklung einer Immobilien Agentur

Die Immobilienmärkte sind in Deutschland sehr unterschiedlich. Während in einigen Regionen ein Überangebot im Verkauf/Vermietung existiert und man Hände ringend um Käufer/Mieter sucht ist der Markt in den Ballungsgebieten genau umgedreht.

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