Energy Procurement for international Automotive Supplier in Slovakian Republic (2016)

In Energy markets, several suppliers are making additional Profit from the price spread between futures and spot market. In time of raising commodity prices in the future, the future market will see this in an price increase of the following years. Several suppliers are fulfilling their contracts from spot market, which is perhaps behind future market.

When market will Change, These strategy will be no longer succesful and these suppliers will come into financial Problems.

We try to avoid These situations for our clients by carefully selecting the long list and short list of suppliers in the tender process.

Background of Project

Customers in industry and business rely on the expertise and know-how of Bergen Energi in solving questions about the company’s energy supply with cheap and secure electricity and natural gas. Companies are increasingly focusing on their core business and this is rarely energy management.

Bergen Energi has one of the most saluted, oldest and most experienced trading floors for energy in Bergen – Norway. The expertise is used by leading companies worldwide to provide demanding support for the energy portfolio and thus help to optimize the procurement costs of energy for the company year after year.

DELTA EXERGY is the local partner with many years of experience in the Czech and Slovak energy market. We help Company with our services to come to a proper decision for the award of energy supply contracts.


Energy Procurement on PXE for industrial Clients

Business PartnerClient ProfileEnergy ServicesDELTA EXERGY Tasks
  • Bergen Energi AS
    • Bergen, Denmark
    • Paris, France
  • Account Manager
  • Global supplier in automotive industry
  • Productions works in Slovakia
  • Western Solvakia
  • HQ in Denmark
  • Energy Supply for production facilities in Slovak Republic
  • Electricity Supply
  • Natural Gas Supply
  • Tendering of fixed prixe and tranche models
  • Prague Energy Exchange PXE
  • Setup of Energy Tender Strategy
  • Setup of time schedule of Energy procurement
  • Design of tender documents
  • Selecting Suppliers of requested commodity
  • Performing of Energy Tender
  • Evaluation and Proposal for desicion
  • Support of transfer from old to new supplier
  • Checking of Energy Supply Contracts

DELTA EXERGY is the regional, exclusive Partner of Bergen Energi AS. Energy Services are performed in close cooperation with competence Team of Bergen Energi in Berlin and Paris.

For any reason, we keep the name and identity of the Client of our Partner closed. Secrecy is the key point in professional advisory.