IT Management

Each business process from the customer to the customer IT systems are involved. On the use of IT systems is optimized process performance and competitiveness in the market.

We help our customers to improve their business and processes systems by the targeted use of IT.

The planning of IT begins today at the corporate strategy environment and leads them in the world of IT consistently continue IT strategy process deals with the CIO in his business Allignment and the value contribution.


Range of tasks

The concept of IT governance can be summarized thematically under different subtasks characterized by a specialized procedure:

  • IT Strategy
  • Shared IT Services
  • IT Risk Management
  • IT Benchmarking
  • IT Product und SLA Management
  • IT Portfolio Managment
  • CIO Management

Reference products

  • Terms & Conditions
  • IT Governance
  • CIO Management
  • IT Security and compliance
  • IT architecture management
  • IT product und service level management
  • IT Business model
  • Data organization / data storage
  • Task Management (Task Mind)


Use cases of application

  • Merger
  • Spin offs
  • In-house optimization
  • Company integration
  • PMI (Post Merger Integration)
  • PAI (Post Aquisition Integration)
  • New set up of organization based on internal reorganization
  • Externally motivated reorganization e.g. Legal unbundling
  • Development, change direction towards SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)