Business Management

When changing the company organization, the change is to be built on the results that lead to lasting business success.

  • Transparency in corporate affairs by transparent flow of expenses and revenues is the foundation for consistent management of each company.
  • Transparency in cost and performance flows in the company output, between company groups and individual specialized divisions, is task for management – often is the reality quite different.


Range of tasks

The concept of business management can be summarized thematically under different subtasks characterized by a specialized procedure:

  • Strategic controlling
  • Benchmark
  • Finance controlling
  • Operative controlling
  • SLA Management
  • Project and program management
  • Risk managment


Reference products

  • SOA oriented controlling concepts
  • Service oriented SLA Management
  • Service oriented planning and resource management
  • Project template for large and complex IT projects
  • Risk Management
  • Set of KPI for service oriented management
  • Low cost planning (LCP) in service functionsSOA orientierte Controlling Konzepte


Typical scenarios of application

  • Drawing up and development of controlling concepts
  • Development of internal accounting of performance
  • The position of enterprises, their parts and economic performance in the competition and market
  • Setting of transparent calculation of process costs
  • Setting and development of SLA systems with transparent agreed procedures and payments
  • Optimization of medium-term planning based on operating parameters
  • Setting of MbO systems
  • Development of operational reporting systems
  • Cost analysis and cost reduction program
  • Outsourcing in companies