Complexity, the pressure on performance and speed of change is constantly growing. What was good yesterday, is today not enough. Continuous improvement in all business units and intensive cooperation with split roles and tasks that go beyond corporate boundaries, are increasingly in demand. Today, no company is in position to become successful on its own.

  • Markets are changing
  • Energy markets are newly structured
  • Paradigm does not count anymore
  • Instead of globalization indisputable regionalization
  • Instead of individuation standardization
  • Flexibility and efficiency instead of only cost minimization
  • Decentralization vs. centralization


Geschäfts Steueurng en

  • Merger of regional energy companies in the CZ
  • Implementation of legal unbundling in the Czech Republic and Romania
  • Multidimensional concept and implementation of controlling systems in the CZ and SK
  • Setting up the SLA system for the Group companies in Romania
  • Outsourcing Shared Services in CZ and Romania


Prozess Steueurng en

  • Harmonized process model for the 5 regional energy companies in CEE
  • PMI projects for energy industry in CEE
  • Business Process Management in CZ
  • Process Optimization for the German group in the field of health care
  • Process optimization and interface settings in the German company for customer care


IT Steuerung en

  • International IT Governance and CIO / CPO Organization
  • New strategic direction and IT architecture plan
  • Outsourcing national IT centers
  • Harmonization of IT applications at the international level for five regional power companies in CEE
  • Program Management for implementation of large SAP systems in CEE


Energie Steuerung en