Process Management

Delta – concept for change can be found in the company as change in organization and business processes. Based on change, the company can be permanently changed and thus positive influenced. The portfolio of changes differs a lot but the change affects all companies in the market, regardless of business field or regional situation.

Only through the organizational change can company permanently alter its structure.

In modern companies are parallel or in addition to the organizational change altered also work procedures in form of business processes. Such change is strongly reflected in optimization and efficiency improvement and readjustment to the market conditions.



Range of tasks

The concept of process management can be summarized thematically under different subtasks characterized by a specialized procedure:

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Performance management
  • Process organization
  • Compliance management
  • Operational organization

Reference products

  • Process management
  • Service cell map
  • Process model
  • DELTA management
  • Change management
  • PAI / PMI
  • Outsourcing / Insourcing of project templates

Use cases of application

  • Merger
  • Outsourcing (Spin off)
  • Establishment of new company
  • Merger of functional units
  • In-house optimization
  • Establishment of new strategic business unit (SBU)
  • PMI (Post Merger Integration)
  • PAI (Post Aquisition Integration)
  • New organization setting based on internal reorganization
  • Externally motivated reorganization e.g. Legal unbundling
  • Development, change towards SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)