Delta means change, in terms of business stands for improvement, motivated by external influences from the legislation (e.g. legal unbundling) the market (merger, spin offs) and the influence of customers (new products, better services for customers).

More commonly is the structure of company specifically changed through internal factors, to achieve significant increase in efficiency and productivity or to improve operational transparency of costs, resources consumption and processes.





There are many reasons for changing own company. The change is based on three central themes of the company management:

  • Business management
    Business management with the stated objectives, numerical indicators, planning and financial results
  • Process management
    Change of operational organization in processes and structure through changed process models
  • IT management
    Increase in operational performance based on process support with value added IT infrastructure
  • Energy management
    Effective and efficient handling of resources and the release of cost potentials

DELTA ADVICE offers extensive years of experience for all four areas to achieve permanent improvement in your company.


Central methodology

  • Coherent methodology for all areas of   competency and project portfolio
  • Consistency even for complex tasks
  • Simple elaboration, intelligibility and   understandable language
  • Focus on results in project


Service-oriented modeling

  • Emphasis on customer requirements and the performance
  • Object focused and transparent
  • Analysis and optimization of processes and resources for service provision
  • Corporate management system for all departments
  • Development of an integrated management system