• Team spirit. For the project realization are involved mixed teams in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. For doing this we need sitive, motivated team spirit, the foundation of our success.
  • Competence. Methodical competence, project and management experience as well as a robust project management tools are basis for our work to perform project tasks. We offer our services and modeling methods in the form of non-standard solution.
  • Prospects for development. In DELTA ADVICE team you can find a wide range of expertise, practical   experience and personal interests. We recognize and utilize the differences and diversity of our people,   which creates added value in our company.

No uniformity, diagrams, formulas – each employee is unique personality. Our employees are focused on joint work with the client team and bring individual knowledge and skills. Responsibility and personal growth is supported by personal motivation and passion for change done for our clients.

  • Project manager is responsible for the project objective to our clients, manages all internal work to   achieve the project goals and assures communication with the client. The position of project manager   requires an active use of experience gained in consulting and project management and also implies   certain behavior with the client.
  • Experts work in project teams and bring their specific expertise. They are led by project manager.
  • Assistants support our team, usually performing special tasks while using specific knowledge.