Privacy policy

The new General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) is considered European law in all member states from 25 May 2018. The transposition into national law in Germany takes place via the Data Protection Adaptation and Implementation Act adopted on June 30, 2017 May 2018 enters into force. This also restates the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) with effect from 25 May 2018. The DS-GVO is then still a subsidiary law, for all cases that are not or not fully regulated by the BDSG.
DELTA ADVICE (and all affiliated organizations) takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We want you to know when we collect what information and how we use it. As our web pages evolve and new technologies are implemented, changes to this privacy policy may be required. Therefore, we recommend that you read this privacy policy from time to time.

When accessing the websites of DELTA ADVICE (see below), no personal data will be collected. In particular, it does not store the IP address of the accessing host system. For the quantitative measurement of accesses, only anonymous data about the accesses of the individual information offers are recorded and stored. It will be recorded in anonymous form, without any reference to the identity of the individual, so that conclusions about certain persons are not possible.

Our online offer contains links to internet sites of other providers. We have no influence on the fact that these providers comply with the legal data protection regulations. You should therefore always check the privacy statements offered. The privacy policy of DELTA ADVICE GmbH was revised on the basis of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and subsidiary to the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as DS-GVO) with effect from 1 May 2018. The terms are taken from the BDSG, in this respect we refer to the currently valid version of the BDSG.


Scope of the websites of DELTA ADVICE

This privacy statement applies equally to all websites within the regime of DELTA ADVICE GmbH, DELTA ADVICE s.r.o. and DELTA EXERGY s.r.o .. hereinafter referred to as DELTA ADVICE GmbH.
These are the websites


A change between these web pages due to a link or a button does not change the privacy rights of the visitor.
The website is a pure html website,

  • without active plug-ins,
  • without active source code,
  • without widgets,
  • without cookies,
  • or other modern tools.

No user-specific data is collected from this website, stored or forwarded to any other location.

The websites of DELTA ADVICE are provided on different servers and web hosts:

  • United domains
  • Strato

Both web hosts process the data on the servers in Germany and there are corresponding processing contracts.
Policy of data processing and data protection

DELTA ADVICE regularly processes data

  • within the company for administration and order processing,
  • in communication within the company
  • in communication with customers, users, contractors, partners and other natural and legal persons.


DELTA ADVICE secures the processed data

  • within the company
  • in the communication into the company
  • in communication from within the company
  • according to the requirements of the BDSG and the protection of the personal data entrusted to us.


DELTA ADVICE processes personal data according to the following conditions:

Data processing while ensuring the usual and feasible security standards in accordance with the requirements of the BDSG.
Data processing only to the extent necessary for the personal data, insofar as this requires the fulfillment of the business activities of DELTA ADVICE GmbH or is required by law.
Data processing only in the intended use as approved by the owner of the data.
A passing on or sale of the personal data in the data processing beyond the cases in this data protection explanation takes place at no time.


Rights of the visitors of the websites from the BDSG

The BDSG regulates the rights of users of websites in connection with personal data. DELTA ADVICE GmbH guarantees all visitors the specific rights regulated in the BDSG with regard to their personal data:

  1. Duty to provide information when collecting personal data
    We inform the users of our website before the respective use about the possible storage of personal data by ourselves, or by the creator / operator of a part of the software (plug-in, etc.). Transparency of data and communication is required. This Privacy Policy describes how we handle the data known to us at the time.
  2. Right to information of the person concerned
    According to § 34 BDSG (new) data subjects are entitled to a right to information about the storage of personal data in our hemisphere. We are happy to provide you with information.
  3. Right to rectification
    If we do not use correct data from you, please contact us and we will gladly update this data at your request.
  4. Right to delete
    According to § 35 BDSG (new), visitors to our hemisphere are entitled to a cancellation of personal data. If the data does not need to be stored under other legal conditions, we will gladly comply with your request.
  5. Right to cancel
    According to § 36 BDSG (new), visitors to our hemisphere have the right to object to a given consent. In such cases, please contact us and we will comply with this request. This is especially the case for subscribing to newsletters.
  6. Rights related to automatic decision-making, including profiling
    This right accords to the visitors of our hemisphere according to § 37 BDSG (new). We do not use automated decision making or profiling anywhere.


Responsibility in the sense of DS-GVO

For data processing in the DELTA ADVICE GmbH is responsible as data protection officer
Paul Eschbach
Duke Street 129
80796 Munich
Telephone: +49 89 41 61 65 55


Data protection and data security in the hemisphere of DELTA ADVICE GmbH

The DELTA ADVICE GmbH and all affiliated companies and organizational areas use the following mechanisms for data protection and data security in particular:

  • Access IDs to all IT systems
  • Access codes to all services
  • Ongoing review by the Data Protection Officer
  • Spatial access protection to the IT systems and storage systems
  • Up-to-date virus protection with enhanced anti-cyber crime functionality
  • SSL on the web pages


Data processing on web pages

On the websites of DELTA ADVICE no personal data is collected, stored, administered or passed on.
The websites are maintained on German web servers of a German provider.
Visitors of the websites have the possibility to register for a free newsletter. Registration is via a double opt-in procedure. The e-mail address will be stored without further information about the subscriber. Optionally, a name can be specified.

  • The sending of the newsletter e-mails takes place directly within the website, without a transfer of the contact data to a processor.
  • The newsletter subscriber can unsubscribe from the subscribed newsletter with just one click, or you can do this directly with an e-mail to us.
  • The website does not store or disseminate IP addresses.
  • On the web pages there is no login of the visitor – therefore no login data is recorded or stored. Only for sites that are blocked for general use, you will be logged in to these special pages. By logging in, the user recognizes the storage of the login data necessary for the session.
  • On the websites of DELTA ADVICE no user accounts are created, furnished, stored or processed in any other way.
  • On the websites of DELTA ADVICE, no cookies are knowingly used by DELTA ADVICE. The use of cookies as part of the Jetpack Statistics tool is explained in the following section.
  • On the websites of DELTA ADVICE, we include in the online offer via iframe. The corresponding privacy statements of the content providers can be viewed by the provider accordingly.
    • Videos from Youtube (see)
    • Videos by Vimeo (see
    • Maps from Google Maps (see


Data processing in the newsletter system

The newsletter system is only on the website


active. For all other websites this section is omitted.

We send newsletters to registered subscribers to the newsletter system via an e-mail system integrated in the website. The newsletters provide direct information to subscribers and contain information about us, our projects, dates and events.
The newsletter is preceded by a registration as a subscriber in a double-opt-in procedure.
After the initial registration, the subscriber receives a confirmation e-mail in which the subscriber is requested to confirm his registration (registration). Only with this confirmation (double-opt-in) the registration is effective and the correspondence of the person with the e-mail account is ensured.
The levels of the double-opt-in are stored in the newsletter system and serve as proof of legal requirements. This includes saving the login and confirmation times.
Subscribers to the newsletter can cancel the newsletter at any time and revoke their consent. A corresponding link is part of every newsletter.


Measurement of website views on the websites of DELTA ADVICE

To measure the use of pages, articles and other objects on the website of DELTA ADVICE, we use WORDPRESS statistics on the web server based on our legitimate interests

  • the analysis,
  • the optimization and
  • economic Operation

our websites within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 the server-side plugin Jetpack.
WORDPRESS Statistics Jetpack offers a tool for the anonymous statistical evaluation of the total number of visitor accesses.
The tool is from

Automattic, Inc.
132 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco
CA 94107

The Jetpack product uses “cookies” that are stored locally on your computer and that allow an analysis of the use of the website by you.
The company Automattic has issued a comprehensive privacy policy on the functions and the data processing.
This is to be observed by the user of our web pages.


Data processing in business operations

In the normal business operations of DELTA ADVICE, personal data is used and stored in the following business transactions:

  • E-mail system based on Microsoft Exchange systems
  • Contact information based on Microsoft Exchange systems
  • Orders and invoices with usual addresses and the legal requirements for tax documents
  • Employee-related data for the management of personnel files and payroll
  • Store business documents on a Microsoft OneDrive system

Data processing for advertising purposes

On the websites of the DELTA ADVICE no advertisement of foreign offerers is offered. On the websites of DELTA ADVICE GmbH, no personal data are collected, used or passed on to third parties in any form for the purpose of advertising.


Data processing of bank details on the web pages

On the websites of DELTA ADVICE, no bank details are recorded or used.


Data processing in the shop system

On the websites of DELTA ADVICE no shop system is operated.