Our mission

DELTA ADVICE focuses on key issues for sustainable development and business changes in rapidly growing markets. Our advice and involvement is based on the enthusiasm and passion for change that creates added value for our clients.

Our philosophy

„We solve problems.“ – This phrase that recalls the legendary statement of Mr. Wolf in the movie “Pulp Fiction” is a challenge for us and guideline because:

  • Change requires implementing power in project management and enthusiasm on side of the   client and co-workers – we successfully implement projects.
  • Change requires to maintain transparency in all actions. We provide transparency in business procedures.
  • Change requires experience and confidence. We can offer you first objective and will work on to receive your confidence.

DELTA ADVICE – unser Logo

DELTA means a change…                       ADVICE stands for an advice…                Our logo shows profile…

… in thinking                                             … in the spirit                                                … progress

… in the strategy                                       … of confidence                                             … transparency

… in the service portfolio                        … and the mandate                                      … and a clear direction

… in the organization                               … given by our client

… in management